Putting Portrait Mode in iOS 10.1 to test

Portrait Mode is a new feature that comes in iOS 10.1  and is available for iPhone 7 Plus. Using a custom disc blur it manages to create a depth effect, mimicking high end DSLR results, putting some elements in focus while it blurs the others. Apple says this feature is still in Beta, and although not perfect, I found it to give pretty good results. Over the past two weeks  I have been putting it to some tests. Check out below the pictures I’ve taken using Portrait Mode.

Note: Although I’ve taken pictures of people, including some of my friends, I’ve decided not to put them up online, due to concerns of their privacy.

iPhone 6S Plus on desk (Portrait Mode)

Trying to get some nice shots of my old phone for the eBay ad.

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A whole new GitHub Universe: announcing new tools, forums, and features

GitHub announced at #GitUniverse the addition of new features to their platform. These include the addition of Agile tools for repos – a feature called “Projects”, improvements for code reviews, security and profile page. Probably the one I’m most excited are projects, although they all sound quite cool. Seems like they arrived just in time, and I’ll be able to implement them in my work schedule for my final year project. Continue reading