100+ new iPhone and iPad features in iOS 10

This article is a gem. Originally found this on The Loop, had a read and it looks like a pretty comprehensive list of iOS 10 new features, changes and improvements. Really cool to see them all together.

100+ new iPhone and iPad features in iOS 10 →

iOS 10 is here and it’s a massive, easily the most significant update to the mobile operating system powering the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 10 packs in important new core technologies like Differential Privacy, plus a bunch of improvements across most stock apps.

Apple has opened up additional aspects of iOS to developers, turning Siri, Phone, Messages and Maps into extensible software platforms in their own right. It also fixes a number of pain points, makes expanded use of 3D Touch and haptic feedback and completes Apple’s overhaul of iOS, that began with iOS 7, with its refined look and subtle design changes.

For me, the Differential Privacy bit that comes with the new iOS is the most interesting part, and I hope to see the results of it soon. Many researchers have doubted it will work, at least until they see how Apple implements it. And it seems like they will soon be able to.