Friday, 16 September 2016

100+ new iPhone and iPad features in iOS 10

This article is a gem. Originally found this on The Loop, had a read and it looks like a pretty comprehensive list of iOS 10 new features, changes and improvements. Really cool to see them all together.

100+ new iPhone and iPad features in iOS 10 →

iOS 10 is here and it’s a massive, easily the most significant update to the mobile operating system powering the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 10 packs in important new core technologies like Differential Privacy, plus a bunch of improvements across most stock apps.

Apple has opened up additional aspects of iOS to developers, turning Siri, Phone, Messages and Maps into extensible software platforms in their own right. It also fixes a number of pain points, makes expanded use of 3D Touch and haptic feedback and completes Apple’s overhaul of iOS, that began with iOS 7, with its refined look and subtle design changes.

For me, the Differential Privacy bit that comes with the new iOS is the most interesting part, and I hope to see the results of it soon. Many researchers have doubted it will work, at least until they see how Apple implements it. And it seems like they will soon be able to.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

A whole new GitHub Universe: announcing new tools, forums, and features

GitHub announced at #GitUniverse the addition of new features to their platform. These include the addition of Agile tools for repos – a feature called “Projects”, improvements for code reviews, security and profile page. Probably the one I’m most excited are projects, although they all sound quite cool. Seems like they arrived just in time, and I’ll be able to implement them in my work schedule for my final year project.

A whole new GitHub Universe: announcing new tools, forums, and features →

With Projects, you can manage work directly from your GitHub repositories. Create cards from Pull Requests, Issues or Notes and organize them into custom columns, whether it’s “In-progress”, “Done”, “Never going to happen” or any other framework your team uses. Drag and drop the cards inside a column to prioritize them or move them from one column to another as your work progresses. And with Notes, you can capture every early idea that comes up as part of your standup or team sync, without polluting your list of issues. For more on what’s changed, watch this quick overview.

Although we’ll quickly be adding to Projects, our initial release currently supports:

  • A New Projects tab–at the same level as Code, Issue, Pull Requests within a repository–that lists all of your projects
  • Workflow columns that you can name and reorder
  • Cards that you can drag and drop between columns pointing to issues, Pull Requests, or notes
  • Tools built on top of Projects by some fantastic partners, including and ZenHub

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

GitHub Education Student Developer Pack adds DataDog

GitHub Education Pack adds DataDog, Transifex and Thinkful

Just a few days ago GitHub announced a new partner for their GitHub Education Student Developer Pack: DataDog which joins an already great list of other perks and access to premium software or services, essentially for free. Earlier this month they’ve added Transifex, while Thinkful joined them in August.

I’ve previously wrote about this pack last year in 20+ paid products you can get FREE right NOW if you’re a student article.

So how can all these new services help?


With Datadog, you’ll be able to see metrics from all your apps, tools, and services. The plan allows you to:

  • Monitor up to 10 concurrent hosts.
  • Retain stock and custom metrics for up to 13 months.
  • Create insightful dashboards to demonstrate the performance and availability of your applications.
  • Create notifications upon failures.


Transifex is a cloud-based platform built to help you manage the translation and localization of your software.

Members are eligible for a free year of the Starter plan, a $99/month value. You’ll get 50,000 hosted words, unlimited projects, and access to translation partners to bring your software to a global market from the start. You can create software that works internationally from the moment you build your app.


Thinkful is now offering their Fundamentals of Web Development course to Student Developer Pack members. As a student, you will receive two weeks of 1-on-1 mentorship from a professional software developer.

It’s a no brainer, if you’re a student. You can apply here →

iOS 10 Emoji Changelog →

iOS 10 which is set to launch today comes with a bunch of great new features. Probably one of the most visible ones will be the new iOS 10 emoji.

This release (iOS 10.0.1) contains a total of 37 new emojis, or 632 emoji updates in total. This latter figure includes completely new characters as well as redesigned images for existing emojis.

There are 1,767 unique emoji images in iOS 10, which correspond to 1,922 emoji characters.

My favourite ones are the family emoji and combinations as well as the rainbow flag. You can see the family ones in the featured image and the rainbow ones below.

iOS 10 emoji - Rainbow FlagAs far as the redesign goes, some emojis have become glossier, while others, like the devil emoji have lost the glow. It took me a bit to get used to them, but now I completely forgot how they look like.

Combined with the new emojification feature introduced in iOS 10, I suspect these will make a lot of people really excited for all the weird reasons.


Comprehensive list of 3D Touch actions

With iPhone 6S Apple introduced a pressure sensitive display, a feature called 3D Touch. However, at the time it seemed like the integration was not fully implemented, making it seem like a gimmick, although I have quickly learned how to make the most use out of it. Personally I find that it has changed the way I do things on my phone dramatically and even more so with iOS 10 because with the new update — which is set to launch on Sept 13th — 3D Touch is extended well beyond what we were previously using it for. In order to put it in perspective and emphasize what a big of a deal is and will continue to become, I’ve decided to make a comprehensive list of all the things you can 3D Touch now for quick actions, previews and hidden features in iOS. The list only includes stock apps and stock features.

Home Screen

  • On app icons for
    • Quick Actions (iOS 9)
    • A Share Link for that app (iOS 10)
    • To pause or prioritize download of an app on install or update
  • On app icons for widgets (iOS 10)
  • On folders to rename and see which apps have notifications (iOS 10)
  • On incoming notifications to expand (iOS 10)
  • On Spotlight App Suggestions icons for their quick actions (iOS 10)
  • On most Spotlight results for quick previews or actions
  • 3D Touch on left hand side screen edge forFMuis
    • Quick app switching with a right swipe (iOS 9)
    • Opening App Switcher with a firm press (iOS 9)

Lock Screen

  • Live Photo Wallpapers to see full captured moment (iOS 9)
  • Rich Notifications Pop (iOS 10)

Notification Center

  • 3D Touch notifications for expanded view and rich notifications (iOS 10)
  • × Button on Notification Center for “Clear All Notifications” option

Control Center

  • Flashlight icon for different intensities (iOS 10)
  • Timer icon for quick timer set-up (iOS 10)
  • Camera icon for quick jump settings (iOS 10)




Stock Keyboard

  • 3D Touch for to turn the keyboard into a trackpad for quick text selection or cursor movement (iOS 9)
  • 3D Touch backspace button for quick text deletion (iOS 10)


  • Peek Zoom to activate zoom with 3D Touch (See slide 12 here for how to activate it)

App Store

  • App icon on home screen for Quick Actions (iOS 9)
  • Within the app on app icons for quick preview of the app (iOS 9)


  • App icon on home screen to copy last result (iOS 9)


  • App icon on home screen for Quick Actions (iOS 9)
  • App icon on home screen for Up Next widget (iOS 10)
  • 3D Touch on specific dates in Month view to see events for that day and the following days (?)
  • Peek & Pop on events in list view and on specific dates view for quick info (?)


  • App icon on home screen for Quick Actions (iOS 9)
  • Peek & Pop on the last taken picture for a glance at the most recent taken pictures (Bottom left-hand corner) (iOS 9)



  • App icon on home screen for Quick Actions (iOS 9)

Find Friends

  • App icon on home screen for
    • Quick Actions (iOS 9)
    • Find Friends widget (iOS 10)
  • Peek & Pop on any friend in the list for
    • Quick preview of their location (?)
    • Quick actions for them with a swipe up (?)
  • On the map on any friend icon for their location (iOS 10)


Find iPhone

  • App icon on home screen for Quick Actions for your device(s) (iOS 9)


  • App icon on home screen for Quick Actions (iOS 9)
  • On any card-like measurement for quick preview over a longer period of time (iOS 10)


  • App icon on home screen for Quick Actions (iOS 9)
  • Peek & Pop within app on
    • Downloaded books and PDFs
    • Books and Audiobooks in the Books Store for quick preview

iCloud Drive (new in iOS 10)

  • App icon on home screen for Quick access to documents (iOS 10)
  • Peek &Pop on files within the app for quick content preview

iTunes Store

  • App icon on home screen for Quick Actions (iOS 9)
  • Peek & Pop for quick preview on any
    • Music Album / Compilations
    • Film artwork
    • TV Programmes
    • Tones bundles or tones by artist/topic (wherever there is a list of 2 or more tones)




  • Mail icon on home screen for:
    • Quick Actions (iOS 9)
    • Mail widget with contacts who’ve emailed you recently (iOS 10)
  • 3D Touch an email from the list for
    • Peek & Pop for that email (iOS 9)
    • Quick actions – setting as “Unread” or “Deleting” an email – with swipe right and left while Peeking (iOS 9)
    • More actions with a swipe up (iOS 9)
  • Peek & Pop links and photos in emails (iOS 9)
  • Recipient icon/photo in individual email view for Quick Actions (iOS 10)




  • App icon on home screen for
    • Quick Actions (iOS 9)
    • Maps Destination widget (iOS 10)
  • On any POI marked on the map for more info (iOS 9)
  • On any place suggested by the app when first opened for quick actions (Directions/Call/Open website/Share) for that place (iOS 10)
  • On any search result for quick actions (Directions/Call/Open website/Share) for that place (iOS 10)


  • 3D Touch on individual messages for Peek & Pop (iOS 9)
  • Peek & Pop on images, videos, links (iOS 9)
  • Peek & Pop on highlighted information like flight numbers for flight check (iOS 9)
  • 3D Touch on Contact photo/initials for more options to contact that person
    • From message list view on single and group conversations (iOS 10)
    • From individual message view on top bar (iOS 10)
    • From details page
  • 3D Touch on phone numbers, emails for quick contact actions (iOS 10)
  • Peek & Pop on rich links (iOS 10)
  • 3D Touch while using the Handwritten Messages feature for thicker strokes (iOS 10)



  • App icon on home screen for:
    • Quick Actions (iOS 9)
    • New Music Widget with Recent Played songs/playlists (iOS 10)
  • Peek & Pop on playlists to see contents (iOS 9)
  • Playlists for quick actions (iOS 10)
  • Songs for quick actions (iOS 10)
  • Search results for quick actions for that particular result (iOS 10)
  • Videos for quick actions (iOS 10)
  • Links in Connect Posts for Peek & Pop (iOS 10)


  • App icon on home screen for
    • Quick Actions (iOS 9)
    • News widget (iOS 10)
  • Peek & Pop within app on news, publications and topics icons to
    • Quickly preview them (iOS 9)
    • Action on them with a swipe up (iOS 9)
  • Peek & Pop on categories list items for quick preview


  • App icon on home screen for
    • Quick Actions (iOS 9)
    • Most recent note preview widget (iOS 10)
  • Notes in the notes list view (iOS 9)
  • Attachments (photos, videos, links) in
    • Note view
    • Attachment view
  • 3D Touch while drawing/handwriting a note for thicker strokes



Phone & Contacts

  • App icons on home screen for
    • Quick Actions (iOS 9)
    • Favorites widget (iOS 10)
  • 3D Touch within app on contact names and recents for quick actions to contact that person


  • App icon on home screen for
    • Quick Actions (iOS 9)
    • Recent memories widget (iOS 10)
  • Individual photos and videos for
    • Quick glance/preview (iOS 9)
    • Quick actions – with a swipe up (iOS 9)
    • Live Photos to see full captured moment (iOS 9)
  • Memories for:
    • Quick glance at pictures included in that memory (iOS 10)
    • Quick actions for that memory -with a swipe up (iOS 10)
  • People in the People Album for quick action for that person (iOS 10)


  • App icon on home screen for
    • Quick Actions (iOS 9)
    • Upcoming reminders widget (iOS 10)
  • Within a card list of reminders, on individual reminders for quick actions (?)


  • App icon on home screen for Quick Actions (iOS 9)
  • Peek & Pop
    • Within app on your podcasts (in the list view – My Podcasts tab) for quick preview (?)
    • On podcasts icons throughout the app for quick preview


  • Peek & Pop on links, reading list items, bookmarks, shared links (iOS 9)
  • Peek & Pop on open tabs for a quick preview of the whole page (iOS 9)


  • App icon on home screen for Quick Actions (iOS 9)
  • 3D Touch setting (to set and test firmness)


  • App icon on home screen for
    • Quick Actions (iOS 9)
    • Stock widget (iOS 10)
  • Peek & Pop on any news about a company (iOS 9)



  • App icon on home screen for
    • Quick Actions to access tips (iOS 9)
    • Tips widget (iOS 10)

Voice Memos

  • App icon on home screen for Quick Actions (iOS 9)


  • App icon on home screen for Quick Actions (iOS 9)
  • Peek & Pop within app on apps icons that offer apps for Apple Watch (?)


  • Quick Actions (iOS 9)
  • Weather widget (iOS 10)
  • In app on any city in the list for quick weather preview for that list (iOS 9)




Note: Some of these actions are also possible on iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, due to the technical specs of the Pencil which can detect how hard it’s pressed against the screen. For instance, the Notification Center × Button to “Clear All Notifications” option can be performed with the Apple Pencil.

If you believe I missed something or I’ve mistakenly labeled a feature to the wrong iOS version do let me know.

“?” denotes uncertain if the feature existed in iOS 9 or was introduced with iOS 10.

Featured image shows rich notifications actionable by 3D Touch in iOS 10 Lock Screen (Source: