iOS 10 Emoji Changelog →

iOS 10 which is set to launch today comes with a bunch of great new features. Probably one of the most visible ones will be the new iOS 10 emoji.

This release (iOS 10.0.1) contains a total of 37 new emojis, or 632 emoji updates in total. This latter figure includes completely new characters as well as redesigned images for existing emojis.

There are 1,767 unique emoji images in iOS 10, which correspond to 1,922 emoji characters.

My favourite ones are the family emoji and combinations as well as the rainbow flag. You can see the family ones in the featured image and the rainbow ones below.

iOS 10 emoji - Rainbow FlagAs far as the redesign goes, some emojis have become glossier, while others, like the devil emoji have lost the glow. It took me a bit to get used to them, but now I completely forgot how they look like.

Combined with the new emojification feature introduced in iOS 10, I suspect these will make a lot of people really excited for all the weird reasons.