A whole new GitHub Universe: announcing new tools, forums, and features

GitHub announced at #GitUniverse the addition of new features to their platform. These include the addition of Agile tools for repos – a feature called “Projects”, improvements for code reviews, security and profile page. Probably the one I’m most excited are projects, although they all sound quite cool. Seems like they arrived just in time, and I’ll be able to implement them in my work schedule for my final year project.

A whole new GitHub Universe: announcing new tools, forums, and features →

With Projects, you can manage work directly from your GitHub repositories. Create cards from Pull Requests, Issues or Notes and organize them into custom columns, whether it’s “In-progress”, “Done”, “Never going to happen” or any other framework your team uses. Drag and drop the cards inside a column to prioritize them or move them from one column to another as your work progresses. And with Notes, you can capture every early idea that comes up as part of your standup or team sync, without polluting your list of issues. For more on what’s changed, watch this quick overview.

Although we’ll quickly be adding to Projects, our initial release currently supports:

  • A New Projects tab–at the same level as Code, Issue, Pull Requests within a repository–that lists all of your projects
  • Workflow columns that you can name and reorder
  • Cards that you can drag and drop between columns pointing to issues, Pull Requests, or notes
  • Tools built on top of Projects by some fantastic partners, including Waffle.io and ZenHub