GitHub Education Pack adds DataDog, Transifex and Thinkful

Just a few days ago GitHub announced a new partner for their GitHub Education Student Developer Pack: DataDog which joins an already great list of other perks and access to premium software or services, essentially for free. Earlier this month they’ve added Transifex, while Thinkful joined them in August.

I’ve previously wrote about this pack last year in 20+ paid products you can get FREE right NOW if you’re a student article.

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Comprehensive list of 3D Touch actions

With iPhone 6S Apple introduced a pressure sensitive display, a feature called 3D Touch. However, at the time it seemed like the integration was not fully implemented, making it seem like a gimmick, although I have quickly learned how to make the most use out of it. Personally I find that it has changed the way I do things on my phone dramatically and even more so with iOS 10 because with the new update — which is set to launch on Sept 13th — 3D Touch is extended well beyond what we were previously using it for. In order to put it in perspective and emphasize what a big of a deal is and will continue to become, I’ve decided to make a comprehensive list of all the things you can 3D Touch now for quick actions, previews and hidden features in iOS. The list only includes stock apps and stock features. Continue reading

The ultimate Apple I/O death chart

Nilay Patel (author of the controversial “Taking the headphone jack off phones is user-hostile and stupid”) came up with a chart of I/O things Apple obsoleted over time. The “death chart” is quite interesting. As he observes, most I/O standards last about 15 years. If we put this together with other things Apple “killed” over time (like Flash*, which is worth mentioning), it should offer a perspective of the company’s vision of the future.

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